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. this is a paving project going on here. davis did not work for maryland state highway but rather a subcontractor involved in the project. in forestville, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> davis is from briantown, maryland. jerry edwards joins us with the latest in traffic. >>> good morning, to you and everyone. a lot of road works and hefty delays because of it. virginia, northbound i-95 to the outer loop of the beltway, look very carefully. two lanes. the left lane is closed and traffic is quite slow because of it. there is also on southbound 95 headed to newington,there, the right lane is blocked delays leaving the capital beltway. maryland, on the outer loop, greenbelt road, left side of the roadway blocked. delays from north on route 50. the good news is, if you are headed southbound, the inner loop, no worries there. travel lanes are open. eun? >>> thank you. taking a live look outside. it is 91 degrees at 11:04. we have sunshine. with this humidity, you know we are going to be burning out there. >> everybody that's come into the office this morning has passed by my desk. wendy rieger included and
'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we are in fantastic poolesvilleing maryland for this edition of hometown fridays. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 starts right now. very we are in fantastic poolesville, maryland. >> we give a big welcome on this friday morning. a beautiful sunrise and we are in northwestern n that this montgomery county. it is week number four for our hometown fridays and we're very happy to be with some of the good folks here in poolesville, maryland. already some folks coming out to say hi to us this morning. >> we are about an hour away from the nation's capital. technically, 35 miles from the white house. but this world out here is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the nation's capital. this area was founded on farming. while agriculture might not be the mainstay anymore, the charm of rural life remains. >> you can get here about 45 minutes from downtown washington if you don't have traffic to deal with. we have quite a bit coming up including the big history of this small town. we'll tap into the expertise of a couple of local historians including on
in to northern new jersey. we have a few in western maryland and west virginia. temperature-wise it is really muggy and sticky out there. 81 cambridge at this hour. even in the mid to upper 70s in the shenandoah valley. we are at 79. 84 by 9:00. and this afternoon some scattered storms move north to south. temperatures by five in the upper 80s. time for traffic. >>> good morning. we are keeping an eye on the accident at prince william parkway near the hack kwan river bridge. all westbound lanes, one lane is open. all eastbound lanes are closed. avoid the area. the closures will be in place the next half hour or. so in manassas, an ongoing police activity is disrupting traffic between wellington and nokesville road. that will be in place for a while. avoid the area if you can. interstate traffic on 95, volume is picking up between prince william parkway and lorton, but all lanes are open. up to 395, duke and seminary, volume there as well but no major incidents or accidents reported but a crash in maryland, 270, route 85 off to the right shoulder. we are seeing some traffic b
couple of days. a water main break in potomac, maryland that has south glen road closed between lorton and glen road road. and river is the alternate once again. on the outer loop things are slowing down between colesville road and georgia avenue. for beach goers throughout, yeah it is the weekend, 50 eastbound, things are looking good for you. on the inner loop in virginia, things are clear out here. sun is trying to rise. on the outer loop, we are finding a slow go to telegraph. and 50 to 123 is how we wrap it up. building more volume and delay is on the way. back to you. >>> this morning, police in the district are investigating a double shooting. it happened just hours ago. the story is new this morning. kristin fisher is live with the latest. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. so far police are not saying anything about suspects. all we know is that two people, two young men, according to neighbors, are fighting for their lives in a local hospital. they are both reported to be in serious if not critical condition. as for right now, you can see that at least
time to head out to 95. staying in maryland. 66 is looking good all morning long. eastbound and westbound from centreville to 495. not seeing anything blocking the travel lanes. in gaithersburg, maryland, drivers commuter alert is in place approaching shady grove. blocking the right lane. emergency crews are trying to clear it up. hopefully -- hopefully it will be gone in a short time. the inner loop a in maryland, a crash on the right shoulder. not causing major delays both side of the american legion, no problems and 95 and bw parkway as we switch to the maps looking good between 695 and 495. no problems reported. back to andrea. >>> you can take a shower this morning but don't let it last too long and don't let the water run while you brush your teeth. that's the order from wssc because of a leaking water main. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland where work to fix the leak is going on around the clock. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. this work will likely be going on around the clock until at least monday. and until then what this means for 1.8 million ws
and in to western maryland now. let's switch to doppler real quick. southern pennsylvania, western maryland we have light showers at the moment. this is the line we will watch. back on the computer, temperatures are running at 80, a warm muggy morning. some 70s out there. cumberland you are the warm spot at 81. looking at the day at a glance, 84 by 9:00. 90 by noon. mostly cloudy and showers and storms by then. upper 80s for 5:00 as the showers and storms pull away. some of the storms, especially south, could be strong to severe. patranya bhoolsuwan is watching the roads. >> as you heard howard said scattered showers later on today but the road is right now dry. in and out of the beltway no major problems reported. just the traffic lights are out in montgomery county. let's switch to the live camera. 95 north no problems. on the beltway in virginia between braddock and i-66 as we switch over. no big problems on the west side of the beltway. good morning, maryland. on i-270 this morning heading down south from father hurley to split no problems, as well. and 95 and bw parkway as we
methane gas leak as well. >>> battleground maryland. gov. martin o'malley's reelection campaign will get a boost to night. vice-president joe biden will appear with him at a fundraiser in baltimore. ole is expected to face former republican gov. bob ehrlich in the fall. >>> the vice-president as a bold prediction but the outcome of the midterm election. >> i think we're going to shock to everybody. we are going to win the senate and the house. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs said last week that democrats could lose control of the house. the polls show voters don't have much confidence in and congressional democrats. republicans say they will win the 40 seats needed. >>> the split may be forming in the department. the national tea party federation says that it has expelled conservative commentator mark williams. he wrote a fictional letter from "colored people " to president abraham lincoln's. he said it was meant to spur an honest debate on race. >>> still ahead, new details about the wild night at the university of maryland basketball game. is thatwho the center of that inve
morning news is hitting the road today. we are broadcasting live from poolesville, maryland from 6:00 to 10:00 as part of our hometown friday series. gurvir, steve, allison, tony, tucker, they are all going to be out there. if you are out near there, you may want to head over and see the crew. >> take them a bottle of water. >> it will be another hot day today. it will just continue and the temperatures will rise even higher as we move through into the weekend. let's start it off with a look at our weather headlines. we will put it all into officer spective for you. there is a heat advisory today and that is in effect from noon until 9:00 tonight. that is because, once we factor in the temperatures and the humidity, our heat in d.c. is going to be into the triple digits. it will feel like it is about 100 to 105 degrees or more. staying on the into the weekend as well. state, we get near 100 degrees and that is just for our temperature. we are watching tropical storm bonnie that actually formed last night. let's take a look at our current temperatures now. yesterday we were into th
in to northern maryland, northern virginia and west virginia. i want to switch it over to live doppler 9000 hd. you see the action moving east. a couple of shores in eastern delaware. in frederick county, this is the worst of the weather we are looking at. a few storms are popping near winchester and we will look at those in a moment but the storms in frederick have potentially a little wind here, especially west side over to middletown. we are talking south the heaviest areas are south of 70 here. here's middletown heading tour ban that. they are moving at 30 miles an hour. so don't be surprised if you have lightning and gusting winds. we have seeing heavy thunderstorms starting to develop. they extend westminster, eastbound right down 140 and one more stop if i can before we throw it back to jc, over to areas around winchester because those storms are starting to fire here quickly as they are coming out this the mountains in to the heat and humidity. temperatures in the low 90s. it's very kick i can and the action to the east southeast. this will be here in the washington metro in another ho
degrees. frederick, maryland, 72 degrees off to the east. oweship city, maryland is at 78 degrees at this hour. we do have some mist out there. -- ocean city, maryland is at 78 degrees at this hour. we'll see some clouds build in later on today and those clouds could bring with them a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms in the latter part of the day. our typical high would be 89 degrees. we will again top that, 93 is what we're looking for downtown. more sunshine in the early part of date than in the latter part of state and a chance of some thunderstorm activity here and there during the course of the afternoon. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with lauren once again with our traffic. >> we've got a new accident reported as you travel southbound on 95 in virginia. let's head out there. 95 south at lorton, it is right on the exit ramp. you are actually able to get by on the ramp. you can see here we do have police on both sides. you are able to get by in the center of the ramp. not
been blocking three lanes. watch for that if you are heading out on 495 in maryland. as we switch over, quiet between 95 and 270. no problems to report here. the beltway as we switch over to see how things are looking between springfield and tysons corner, clean and green. no problems. on 95 in virginia that might be heavy later today as people make their way back to dc but right now things are looking good northbound and southbound and finally in dc we are moving on m street right now looking on key bridge over to georgetown. no big problems reported. back to you. >>> hopefully this will be the last day more than 1 million wssc customers in montgomery and prince georges counties have to conserve water. crews are hoping to finish repairs on a 96-inch main which shows signs of rupturing last week. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland with the latest. >> good morning. very good news this morning. wssc is reporting that old repairs on the pipe behind me should be complete by some point today. but until then wssc is requiring that these mandatory water restrictions stay in effect fo
in southern maryland. hold on. it's going to get better. temperatures will warm to the upper 80s by 9:00. 90s by noon and 102 for the drive time. >>> it is 5:00 a.m. angie has the latest on the traffic. >>> reviews on the power outage in northeast dc. if you come at an intersection where the lights are out or on flash, treat it as a four-way stop. no accidents to report in virginia, district of columbia and maryland. we want to show you the drivers are moving at speed on 66 from centreville to past 50 to inside the beltway. the next stop the beltway in virginia not too busy this tuesday from 95 up to 66. now in maryland we want to move it back outside and show you the outer loop. no construction to report at this time. pretty much smooth sailing from 95 over to 270. and finally we will call it a wrap inside the district. we give you the suitland parkway where it meets south capitol street. nice an easy commute here. very, very quiet. andrea, back to you. >> thank you. >>> we can't say howard didn't warn us about the heat an alert and as he said today will be worse than yesterday. some people
the beltway to the 14th street bridge. no problems to report. no construction in the way. in maryland, on the inand outer loop, doing fine and wrap it up with a glance at 270. we are watching volume build around 109. that's the traffic. now back to you. >>> we are learning more about the man prince georges county police say will be remembered as one of the most notorious serial killers in our history. he worked as a part-time employee at the u.p.s. facility. kristin fisher is joining us from prince georges county with more. >> reporter: good morning. police here say they will not release his name until he is formally charged, but one investigator is already calling this person of interest the most intelligent criminal he's ever dealt with. now prince georges county police now believe a 27-year- old upper marlboro man is responsible for last year's mother/daughter murders in largo. the person of interest is accused of killing two mother and daughter and he lived with his parents within a two mile radius of both sets of victims. he worked part time at u.p.s. in landover where he met cus
degrees in washington right now. 79 in fairfax. 81 in manassas. 86 degrees in frederick, maryland. gaithersburg, 81 right now after a 53-degree start this morning. manassas, virginia, dropped down to 50 this morning. currently at 80 degrees with the sunshine. if you are one of the lucky ones, you got the tickets to watch the nationals take on the new york mets. first pitch time, 7:05. perfect baseball weather. temperature about 78 degrees at first pitch. there is the good night forecast. clear skies, temperatures back down into the low 70s by 11:00 p.m. a clear and quiet evening coming up. big warm-up arrives on sunday. the fourth of july. and by the looks of it, that big warm-up may be sticking around through much of the upcoming workweek. we'll detail that in the seven-day forecast. you need to be bracing yourself for more. perhaps near 100 degree heat coming our way very, very soon. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. >>> about 35 million americans are expected to travel 50 or more miles this holiday weekend. according to aaa, that's a big increase from last year when fewer t
and on pennsylvania and maryland between first and third street. that's going to be closed down as well. watch for that for dc starting today throughout the weekend and until tuesday. switch over and see what we have next on the roadways. as we move on to 395 right now. northbound, southbound looking good. a little more traffic as we approach after 5:00 in the morning. construction is all clear from overnight. move on to see how things are looking on 95 southbound. right now it looks okay. you may be seeing some delays on the micking bowl but construction is clear, as well. andrea, back to you. >>> it is shaping up to be a hot and dry 4th of july weekend for 2 million of us. the washington suburban sanitary commission has mandatory water restrictions on customers whose crews worked to repair a huge water main that's on the brink of failing. kristin fisher is live in potomac with the latest. >> reporter: crews here have been working around the clock to get this water main repaired. but it is likely going to be at least three -- three more days before it is fixed. you can see the crews working a
. around the eastern shore it's in the mid-70s mountains of of western maryland, mid-60s this morning. over the past 12 hours, we had the showers passing mainly to the south of washington and those are pulling away. there are still a few lingering showers in northeastern maryland moving to the east. we have another disturbance approaching us later today that may bring us late afternoon and early evening thunderstorms. before that it should be partly cloudy with highs reaching the mid-90s today. remaining steamy tonight and tomorrow. during the day on wednesday, morning lows mid-70s afternoons again into the mid to low 90s. then lower humidity ought move am briefly. highs in the mid-90s both days. >> it's looking pretty good as we get going here. along the 95 corridor, right now fredericksburg all the way up to the beltway and 395, should find all lanes open. let's head to the american legion bridge. authorities are dealing with an accident on the outer loop. single car accident. somebody smacked into the jersey wall. fire and rescue crews are on the scene. volume is so light it's not creati
'll keep us updated as you get information in. henry k with maryland transportation administration. thank you so much for that. >> of course, we'll be checking in on the story throughout the afternoon and the whole situation in silver springs, trying to make sure you could clear the wires. not just from the train tracks, but from the streets there. and of course, this is not the only issue this afternoon because power was knocked out again to thousands of area residence who just got their electricity back for the first time in days. >> the bad weather caused a part of the tree to come down in the 1900 block of 35th street in georgetown. and we're not out of the woods yet. a severe thunderstorm watch. it is still in effect. meteorologist, devon lucie in the weather center with the latest storm alert. >> reporter: yes, you know, eventually it was yesterday that you could have another possibility. unfortunately, more severe storms. that's what happens. this is a current look at live doppler 9,000. we still have a front that is well north. as we're still warm and popping out more sunshine, wi
in maryland. they could be lifted soon. new at 6:00 a.m. the latest straight from wssc. we go to kristin fisher in potomac, maryland. good morning. >> good morning. for the nearly 2 million people that are under these strict water restrictions that have been under strict water restrictions for six days now the big question is when will the restrictions be lifted? to get the answer we will chat with lynn riggins, the spokesperson for wssc. so many warnings we see bright and early. >> thank you for joining us. when will the restrictions be lifted? >> we are in the process of doing water quality testing which is obviously very important. wssc has been around 90 year and never had a water quality violation and don't plan to have one now. we are waiting for health results. we need those tests to come back and as soon as we are comfortable with the results we will talk about lifting restrictions. the repairs are complete but i want to stress just because the repairs are complete doesn't mean restrictions are lifted. they are still in place and we are still encouraging everyone to conserve and
monday night or tuesday morning in the 25000 block of sapling ridge lane in brookeville, maryland. it was parked outside the officer's home. a colt m-4 rifle, ammunition, handcuffs were taken. authorities are worried the thief could use that to impersonate a police officer. >>> alleged russian spy ring, three suspects go to district court in alexandria today. the case has captured the nation's attention with its plot that is straight out of the cold war movie. courtney robinson is live in alexandria with more on this. >> good morning. that's right. this whole thing is extremely fascinating. three individuals arrested in arlington are in custody. at 2:00 this afternoon and they will be in u.s. district court facing a judge who will determine whether they will remain in custody and possibly we will learn more about the alleged spy ring. prosecutors say the evidence against 11 alleged russian spies is overwhelming. for arlington residents, the local ties to three are shocking. >> i did not expect anything like that around here. >> off the 20 something mikhail semenko scene in front o
hometown fridays today. let's send it back become you out to the greenbelt, maryland. >> good morning. we are joined by the mayor today would is making the executive decisions this morning. we like it. allison and i have a hard time making decisions times. >> should we stand or sit. >> the mayor said i prefer to stand. >> so we stand here with mayor judith davis of greenbelting maryland. thank you for having us in your town today. we are having a good time. >> you moved to the area in 1975. you have served on the council for eight terms now? >> no i'm in the middle of my seventh term basically. >> till within eight terms, no doubt. let me ask you how has the city changed in your time here and you can brag a little bit. what are some of the changes that after he seen take place because of your decisions. >> oh, my decisions. greenbelt-- what this is a co- op. >> you have to remember that in greenbelt, the not the mayor's decisions. little the council's decisions that are based on the citizens telling them an giving them advice. >> the way it should be. >> how has the city changed in your t
at the university of maryland are scared. >> everyone i talk to is always looking for jobs. especially now. >> reporter: and looking for the start of a strong recovery with lots of hiring. meanwhile, the touchy political issue of extending unemployment benefits will remain unsettled. at least until senate gets back from its break in ten days. i'm steve handelsman, capitol hill. >>> the next jobs report along with pay roll fell for the first time in six months, sent stocks tumbling and ends a dismal week. it fell about 46 points today to close at 9686. the nasdaq also dropped by about ten points to chose at 2092. the s&p 500 ended about five points lower to close at 10.23. >> sally may is leaving northern virginia. it is the nation's largest student hender. officials in delaware announced today that the outfit sally mae is moving its corporate headquarters from reston, virginia, to newark, del tell. they say they will recommend that they receive a state grant of 3% of the capital investment at the new site with a cap of $3 million. the new headquarters is expected to open in march. >>> when
spots to 68, 9 # 69. 70 gaithersburg and 73 to the north. 74 winchester. in southern maryland at the pax naval air station. another hot sticky day with scattered thunderstorms. highs pushing 90 to 95. right now a couple of clouds. it is 5:00 a.m. here's angie. >> wake up, washington. not so bad out there but you can see we do have smack in the middle an issue. take you to northwest dc and show you the live shot. connecticut avenue is closed at calvert. that's because we have ongoing police activity. you want to use cathedral as the alternate. keeping it moving. let's take it to the outer loop in maryland. 95 to 270, smooth sailing. in virginia, 66 eastbound, we are tracking the taillights. they are moving at speed from centreville to inside the beltway. and 395, you are going to find lanes wide open until you get to the 14th street bridge where we have a new traffic pattern in place due to construction. two lanes getting by to the left and one to the right. andrea, that's the traffic. now, back to you. >>> you heard howard's forecast and you see it on the screen, 79 degrees. yes, it is j
at national. upper 70s down in southern maryland. look at the 50s showing up in pittsburgh and a sign of cooler drier air with us tonight and tomorrow. 68, that's right 68 in springfield and arlington. 69 rockville. 66 in great falls. what a great looking morning out there. 75 by 9:00. 82 for lunch. and driving home, 5:00 p.m., 87, dry comfortable degrees. it is 5:00 p.m. hello, patranya bhoolsuwan. >> hello, howard. keep accentuating the positive on the traffic front, as well. the accident in montgomery county, rout 29 at blackburn road is now in the clearing stages. very happy about that. elsewhere in maryland, 495 north of town we are seeing volume picking up between 95 and 270. but still moving well in both directions here. moving on to what's happening in connecticut avenue and east- west highway in chevy chase. traffic light issues there. so watch for that. in virginia, 395 looking good all the way from 495 to the 14th street bridge. same story on 95 from dumfries to the mixing bowl. smooth sailing for drivers out there. it is 5:01. back to angie. >>> another tough break for met
showing up in western maryland and up near mineral county, west virginia and southern pa. those are drifting to the east. right now it's a steamy morning, 81 in washington, near 80 in prince george's county, mid and upper 70s, arlington and fairfax and generally in the 70s around the entire region from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches on this thursday morning. the main front that could be giving us strong storms later today is out in the ohio valley this morning. and that front h begin to move our way here later today. perhaps around noon time we could have our first thundershower moving in in the viewing area just to our west of the metro region and then by the middle of the afternoon, right around the metro areas, we could have some of those storms coming through 2:00 p.m. to maybe as late as 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. and some individual storms unfortunately could produce some damaging winds. highs before the storms arrive into the low and mid-90s. then lower humidity moving in tonight as we clear out and it will be in place friday and saturday. more storms possible s
and traffic charges in maryland. he was sentenced to eight months of electronic monitoring and two years of unsupervised probation. a dash cam video was showing the nba star being pulled over for speeding. he was apparently something of a rolling armory. he was carrying two loaded hand guns, a loaded shotgun and a knife. >>> this morning a mother hopes someone will come forward with information on the murder of her daughter of the vanessa pham was killed more than two weeks ago. darcy spencer talked with her mother and lead agency handling the investigation. >> i feel angry. >> reporter: the mother of vanessa pham, the 19-year-old fashion design student at the center of a murder mystery that is baffling detectives. >> i cry all the time. >> reporter: pham was found dead in her car june 27th. her toyota scion was captured on video minutes before she was found dead. the clues have not been enough to catch a killer. >> the detectives here and supervisors are phenomenal, the amount of extra hours and time. >> reporter: in a rare interview, major shawn barrett appealed to the public to help s
blisters. a couple of people are melting. >> maryland reported less than half a dozen he related deaths. one of them in d.c. and three in virginia. temperatures will reach 100 degrees and there is concerned there could be more deaths and injuries. they are worried some will seek relief in the raging waters of the potomac. >> people underestimate the power of the water. there are big time safety issues. >> it is important to mind the heat advisory, going into effect and known and lasting until late tomorrow evening. if you have respiratory issues, you want to take it easy today, especially later in the day as things will get much hotter. in silver spring, courtney robinson, abc 7. >> we are not alone. from texas to maine, people are dealing with sweltering weather as they are doing everything they can to stay cool. this could be one of the worst early summer heat waves on record. to warnings are in effect in at least 14 states. >> water restrictions will remain in place in montgomery and prince george's counties and least through the day. the washington suburban sanitary commission is st
of showers and some embedded thunderstorms across western portions of maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. that is tracking to the east northeast and will continue to do so during the next couple f hours but we'll keep or eyes on it. some of the ewers to the north might see a little bit of precipitation this morning. back to the graphics. satellite radar for the entire region and again it gives you a better look at the whole region. it's the tail end of a sift um up across the northern portions across the great lakes region. that is about it. we do have some clouds and haze humidity levels over 70%. current temperatures around the area, 75 degrees in washington, 75 in baltimore. we have an air quality alert in baltimore, code orange because of bad air quality. 69 degrees is your current temperature at dulles. the forecast for today, sunshine this morning, some more clouds working in this afternoon. chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm, you know the routine. some of you say dry and some could see the activity. high of about 93 degrees downtown. that's the latest downtown. in f
in annapolis. 72 in manassas. frederick, maryland, you are at 79 degrees. perhaps i need to take a nap. 78 in winchester. 77 in leonardtown. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the mid-atlantic regionen the eastern united states. the main thing you will notice here is these rain showers. this is socialed with a cold front that is tracking its way eastward making us way through the northeastern and eventually through the mid-atlantic states before that front gets here. we'll warm up quite nicely into the 90s and then the front comes through. that is likely to trigger some showers and thunderstorms as it is already doing all up and down that front. your forecast for washington for today then looks like this. some early sunshine but afternoon clouds. showers and thunderstorms are likely today. some of them could be strong. 93degrees for your high. for your five-day forecast, sweet relief tomorrow after the cold front comes through. cooler air, drier air, temperatures at or below normal. how often have we been able to say that, at or below normal. tomorrow, 87 degrees. mostly sunny on s
in the murder of a prominent maryland artist. the woman was found stabbed to death in a d.c. alley on monday just three days after she was reported missing from her rockville studio. police used surveillance video to track down her alleged killer. >> i don't believe it was anything much more than some sort of business or work relationship. they worked in areas that were in close proximity to one another and may have had some sort of contact. >> this is a heinous, violent act and this man is off the street right now. >> the suspect is 35-year-old raymond williams of kensington. he has been charged with premeditated murder and is being held without bond. >>> police in california have for you released surveillance video they hope will solve the murder a fairfax county man. of his a computer engineer who was in oakland last sunday getting ready for a job interview with google. police say this tape shows the suspects in his death. he was robbed at gunpoint and shot to death outside a dentist's office. >>> two children are in the hospital after they were hit by a car last night at the intersection
, mississippi. >>> a grand jury indicted a suspect in the murder of maryland state trooper wesley brown killed outside a forestville restaurant last month. anthony milton, jr. faces five charges including first degree murder. prosecutors say another suspect was also charged in the killing. he is in custody but has not yet been indicted. >>> a former virginia teacher is facing 10 years in prison after pleading gety to molesting a student. prosecutors say kevin ricks made friends with his victims and on occasion gave them tequila shots before molesting them. police say it was facebook that tipped someone off. a young friend of victim discovered sexually explicit messages between the victim and ricks on the site. but his legal problems are not over. federal prosecutors are charging him with child pornography. >>> one of the leaders of the most powerful drug cartels in mexico is dead this morning. details of massive raid. >>> plus, hundreds of people killed in flood waters. we are checking world headlines next on fox 5 morning news. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where
of western maryland, a little better on the eastern shore, low 70s. over the last 12 hours the high pressure that was over us has moved off the coast as a result winds are shifting into the south and southeast. that is bringing in the increased humidity and that will be with us here throughout the day today as the heat builds too. we will have that heat index up to around 105 by mid afternoon. keep that in mind and definitely the best idea, stay in the ac. as we have those temperatures hovering around 100 this afternoon. then overnight tonight, not much of a break through the evening. it will be near 90 by mid evening. by dawn tomorrow, the low to mid 80s, a really hot start on saturday morning. during the day on saturday, we'll have it even hotter. temperatures should maybe even exceed 100 degrees saturday afternoon. will probably easily break the record. tomorrow's record is 96 set on that date in 1986. in fact, tomorrow's record high of 96 is the coolest record high in july. we'll probably break that tomorrow. the heat index on saturday will get to 110. and then on sunday, should be a bit
are in the very mug where low to mid-70s. the thunderstorms are rolling out on the eastern shore of maryland and away from us. we'll see a little break of sunshine or two here in the late morning or afternoon hours before more thunderstorms come rolling in. wednesday and thursday, looks like thursday will be the better day down at the beaches. our four-day forecast very nice indeed. we get nice and hot and steamy the way jerry edwards likes it for thursday and friday. >> we have to deal with power outages and trees down in the roadway. this is east/west highway at grubb road. west of this point it is blocked at jones mill road because of trees down. also, connecticut avenue at east/west highway, the traffic lights are out. in arlington, north military road, be careful there. high water had been in the roadway resulting in an accident. be cautious heading out this morning. >>> 4:42 is our time. critical vote today. the fda is taking up whether a popular drug should be pulled off the market. >>> a local teen among knows injured in the terror attack in uganda. >>> police reaching across cultura
and lightning and northern loudon county and maryland and north frederick county, virginia, there is a line north of frederick passing south mountain, heading off to the north and east will begin to pull away from the area as the morning progresses. right now it's a steamy morning. we're in the 70s to near 80 degrees across the region. 70s on the eastern shore, 60s out of the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. and this morning we have the weak frontal zone coming through. later today too a chance of showers and thunderstorms, highs low 90s. wednesday, steamy all week. jerry, how's the traffic? >> good morning, everyone. heads-up, you were warned. 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge, a new lane configuration in the overnight hours early this morning. vdot is reconfiguring the travel lanes. construction barrels are right in the middle of the roadway and this will cause early confusion, particularly in the early morning darkness. you can see the construction barrels right there. we'll have two lanes to the right, two to the left. you get the drill. it's monday. >> and we'll
now in falls church. 70 in manassas. 77 degrees in annapolis, maryland and 71 degrees in gaithersburg. there's a look at the radar. one or two lone some showers moving oust central culpeper and down towards spotsylvania south of fredericksburg. one or two lone some rain drops. for the most part our saturday will be dry and rain free. might see another few isolated showers later on this afternoon and evening, primarily west of the blue ridge, west of the shenandoah valley, so if you have a ticket to the game tonight, the philly and the nationals, don't cancel your plans because i think they are going to have more than enough dry weather to get that game in inner loop great game last night. >> a good win for us. >> thanks, chuck. >>> new today two suspects are behind bars after allegedly stealing a car and crashing head on into a plolice cruiser. this happened last night in gaithersburg. police were notified by lojack. an officer began to follow the stolen car which sped up and crashed into the police cruiser. the officer involved in that crash is expected to be okay. >>> one person is
that are under way to clean up in the district and in maryland. >> reporter: an suv crushed by a massive tree. it's quite a sight for 5-year- old max as he walks to school wednesday morning along willow road in tacoma park. >> we like our neighbors and we're sorry their car got all crushed up by a tree. we're glad nobody's hurt. >> reporter: this tree came crashing down around 8:00 last night. we're not talking about just a tree branch. if you take a look all the way up there, you can see the entire top of this tree just fell off barely missing all of those nearby power lines. >> it's amazing that we still have power and it didn't hit the power lines. it went the right direction. >> we're looking at a tree that was pruned in the old fashion way 20 years ago, and the wound caused by the pruning led to an area of rot in the tree. >> reporter: todd bolton is the arborist for the city of takoma park. >> all of this wood inside is now rotten. so the only part holding the tree was this little good section right there. >> it would have happened anyway. >> reporter: the storm was-- >> the storm was proba
to centreville and 95, easing nicely in virginia and maryland. no accidents to report here. back to you. >>> we want to remind you about an important campaign here at wusa 9. we call it the great hang up. it is an effort to get everybody to stop using cell phones while they are driving. if you have been affected by a distracted driver talking on the phone or perhaps texting, we'd love to share your story on the air. tell us about it by going to the great hangup page at or just go old fashioned an give us a phone call at 202-895-5960. >>> and the grace period is just about up in arlington. tomorrow no more warnings if you run one of those four red light cameras in the county. they have been active a month now. if you are caught by one of the cameras it will be a $50 fine for you. >>> don't think if you don't see a parking meter you don't have to pay to park in dc. as alex trevino reports several pilot programs launching this week are using cutting-edge technology that could mean meters are on the way out. >> it is making it easier and giving you more choices than just coins. >> reporte
was in germantown, maryland, but tonight the 3.6 tremor remains the buzz around the beltway. >> reporter: the security cameras are firmly fixed to the side of the building but this video after 5:00 a.m. is shaky because the earth itself was shaky. >> some of the cameras came on. some picked up better movement than others. >> first we noticed cracks that seemed to separate a little bit. >> thin cracks mark a house on ebb tide. >> there was a vibration in my bed. the rumble woke me up. >> reporter: his father had been through several. >> all of a sudden there was a massive explosion. nothing else. >> reporter: just up the street ron fontaine felt it also. >> it felt like a freight train coming toward the house. i'd say it was like 15 seconds. again, as soon as it happened i felt the house shift i knew what it was, and, again, because my brother lives in california. >> reporter: although it was the strongest earthquake on record in maryland there was mercifully little damage. an antique plate that was on this wall fell down and shattered. >> i yelled to my husband we just had an earthquake
released their findings, just as maryland considers whether or not the more than double oystering sanctuaries, to about 9,000 acres of the bay bottom or 25% of what is left of the habitat here. and this is a comment period here on the idea of expanding the oyster sanctuaries are underway right now in maryland's department of the natural resources that is due to make these decisions by september 6. on the rivers, scott broom, 9news now. >>> and oysters are not just for eating and big numbers. they could actually make the waters cleaner by filtering out that algae that makes the bay so murky. >>> well, the environmental activists, arrested for their partners, the protests will not have to go to jail. a dc superior court sentenced them to one year probation and 40 hours of community service. last september, he and three other activists illegally hung two banners on the 7th floor of the heart building. he is also the policy director of the chesapeake lie mat action network. >>> well topper, it's just crazy heat out there today. >> yeah. >> i couldn't believe that it is still 99 deg
are down in the 60s and 50sin the mountains while we sit at 74 and a stickier 77 down in southern maryland. the 75 degrees with sunshine at 9:00, lower humidity levels today. 82 for lunchtime and a high of 7. a gorgeous july day ahead. patranya bhoolsuwan? >> goodgood morning, howard and everybody. liking the nice weather out there. first we have to get through the morning commute. we had an accident at montgomery county route 29, closed in both directions. the icon disappeared but it might be out there so watch out in that direction of montgomery county. head to the outer loop of the capital beltway from 95 to 270, everybody is at speed and no problems to report out here. chevy chase, we have traffic lights out. we don't have that icon either but it is supposed to be in this area, connecticut at east- west highway in chevy chase. most of the traffic light problems in montgomery county have been fixed but now we have this intersection now. 395, from 495 to the 14th street bridge, everyone is moving well without any incidents and everyone looks in good shape. good road conditions as well. >
brown, 9 news now. >>> a 16-year-old girl from ellicott, maryland is among those. emily kerstetter was with a group. the group was scheduled to return to the u.s. today. >>> cindy sheehan's bench trial begins today in d.c. superior court. she was among 8 anti war protestors arrested on march 20th after laying coffins at a white house fence. her son was killed in iraq back in 2004. she gained national attention after staging a prolonged demonstration in 2005. outside president george's bush's ranch in texas. >>> it's been a day without water for more than a dozen homes in washington, d.c. a water brake between whittier and van buren is disrupting water service in the area. that break also caused the street to buckle. drivers are being detoured while repairs are being made. >>> and a d.c. fire boat was called to the scene of a brush fire near fletcher's shoreline near georgetown. the fire was contained to a small area. firefighters put the flames out quickly. no one was hurt. >>> we have a commuter aleft on 16th street in northwest d.c. the park service began work today to repair a 3
: in northwest washington, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >>> mixed reviews for young students across maryland. we'll break down the results of the maryland school assessment exam up next. >>> and here is the question of the day. we'll be joined by quentin aaron shortly. when the raiders won superbowl 45? go to and click on mornings to submit your answer. we're take a break and coming right back. [ kid 1 ] wanna know some of our favorite things? we love summertime fun! ...wearing our favorite colors... ...and jamming to our favorite bands! ♪ but we love eating totino's the most. we live for fun... ...friends... [ both ] ...and best of all... [ all ] ...our favorite... ...eating totino's! ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ we're the kids in... >>> making headlines this morning, 2010 is on track to become one of the deadliest years for police agencys across the united states. the national law enforcement officers memorial fopped said 87 officers died in the line of duty between january 1st and june 30th. most of the deaths were this california, texas and florida. >>> new
in as far away from ohio, pennsylvania, delaware and right here in maryland. >> they're going to start moving across the area. they'll be going with tree trimmers as necessary. going into the areas from montgomery county, also the district of columbia and prince georges county. even though we're staged here, we'll stretch across the entire pepco footprint. >> reporter: pepco expects most of those people to have their power back on today or tomorrow. they're also sticking to the timeline, they expect everyone to have their power restored by thursday. back to you, tony and allison? >> sarah, thank you so much. >>> montgomery county schools are still dealing with weather related closings. the power is still out at 59 montgomery county schools. summer school programs, camps, recreation programs and meals are all cancelled today at those 59 schools. you can find a link to a complete list the schools affected on under web links. we want to let you know, ivy mount school in rockville has been opened today. it is open today, however montgomery county parents will be required to tra
to woodbridge, no problems and all lanes are open. back to you. >>> meet maryland's newest millionaire. paula evans from landover, maryland, got the surprise of her life when she found out she won a million dollars. she sent in her scratch off ticket months ago and out of 44,000 entries, hers was the one picked. as a single mom with a daughter in college, a son about to go to college and her youngest with special needs, evans will not be frivolous. >> my plans are definitely to get my son through college and to help my daughter and to take care of james, to make sure he receives the care that he needs. >> after taxes, evans takes home $657,000. good for her. >>> we'll be back. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy
the 14th street bridge. we've been talking about a water main break in suitland, maryland. silver hill road near route 4, pennsylvania avenue, crews are on scene. we do have several lanes closed and we did get some video in i believe of this scene. definitely effecting traffic and we'll have -- will have an impact approaching route 4 in suitland. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. gurvir, steve, back to you -- allison, pardon me. >>> a fairfax county man is accused of trying to join a terrorist group. he makes his first court appearance this morning and stacy cohan is live in alexandria with our top story today. stacy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 20-year-old zachary chesser is in federal custody awaiting his hearing at 10:00 a.m. here this morning at the alexandria federal courthouse. take a look at a photo we have of zachary chesser. he was a one time oakton high school student and he studied foreign language. and the case against him is au tube video posted in 2008 by chesser from a prohamas rally near the white house. he apparently now goes by the name abual
to me, it's eun yang -- 75 in washington and 70 degrees in maryland.ffd, virgin manassas. you can see on the radar, rain showers marching into central ohio and eastern kentucky, part of a weather disturbance sliding our direction. there will be a chance for showers late this afternoon. west of the blue ridge and west virginia here in town, our rain chances don't sneak up until about the time the sun goes down. sn sunshine this morning and tomorrow will be the best chance for rain, two different chances, once first thing in the morning and another with the daytime heating later in the day. rain chances will taper on on wednesday. thursday will be the day we all get to complain about with a temperature up near 95 degrees. one day at 95 isn't the same as two days over 100 like last week. >> that is for sure. let's see how we're doing. those of you coming in from the west, interstate 66, no early worries, if you're heading eastbound that looks good all the way out. let's see how we're doing against new york avenue and north capitol street. travel lanes are open. wilson bridge and fine is
question. we'll have an update to that next. >>> a big drug bust in maryland. here is some of what police say they found. >>> a woman charged with killing her own father. we'll have detail coming up next. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ws. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now. >>> a northern virginia woman is accused of murdering her elderly father. neighbors say 53-year-old patricia blevins is a nurse. she started having financial trouble. soon after, her mother died. her 82-year-old father then collapsed and died in march while living at the residence inn in woodbridge. an autopsy showed he had a high level of zoloft and undissolved crushed tablets in his stomach. >>> two men have been
to julie wright. >> starting off in maryland, if you are traveling the stop stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda, all lanes are open. no problems reported. southbound 270 in the clear leaving hyattstown and continuing out towards the truck scales. the lanes are open. in virginia, inner loop of the beltway at eisen shower avenue, we had a disabled vehicle. v-d.o.t. still on the scene squeezing the right lane off the inner loop but no delay as you head over to the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> a suspected serial killer is accused of killing a mother and daughter and is a suspect in another mother-daughter murder. we are learning that jace son scott is suspected in multiple home invasions across the country. >>> a health alert this morning. for get mouth to mouth. hands only cpr may be most effective at saving an adult's life. that is the finding of two new studies in today's new england journal of medicine. the advice is to do chest pushes continually at a rate of 100 per minute and skipping the mouth to mouth part. babies and
of landover received the million dollar check from the maryland lottery. wait tost couldn't share the news. she is maryland's newest millionaire. >> oh, my gosh. >> this mother of three it sent in her ultimate paid a scratch off ticket about a month ago. out of 44,000 entries, hers was randomly picked. >> i just happen to say, ok, $1 million, i will buy a couple of scratch offspring >> never did she imagined that the maryland lottery would surprise her what the million dollar check. >> $1 million is a big victory these days. >> after taxes, it is $600,000, money she says will help her children. her daughter is in college, her son is headed there, and her youngest son is disabled. >> i will get my son through college and take care of james, make sure that he received care that he needs. >> she says she would like to use some of the money to work towards getting her nursing degree so she can continue the cycle of giving. isn't that nice? >> i love that story on every level. about well deserving. -- >> well deserving. >>> coming up, 7 on your side with a warning about identity theft. >> next,
. >>> investigation into the videotaped beating of an unarmed university of maryland student is now focusing on some top police officers. the "washington post" reports investigators want to know if police supervisors gave orders that led to the beating and whether they tried to cover it up. detectives are reportedly reviewing e-mails and cell phone messages sent and received the night of the incident in march and a month later when paren attorneys for the beaten student released the video. the student was among many who had taken to the streets after the men's basketball team beat duke. >>> an accused killer is behind bars in montgomery county this morning. travis wright was arrested sunday in connection with a shooting at a lake forest transit center in gaithersburg. police responded to a call about a shooting and found a man with a goon shot wound when they got there. >>> d.c. police are investigating a murder in southeast washington that happened early sunday morning on 58th street southeast. officers found james edward john sob dead at the scene. he had been shot several times. there is a reward
most of the outages are once again in montgomery county maryland. when today's storm hit pepco had 7,000 people without power from the weekend storms. bg and e reporting 11,000 outages. >>> those dark clouds rolled in over rockville earlier this afternoon. the strong storms dumping heavy rain in the area making for dangerous driving conditions. luckily the storm wasn't nearly as bad as the one we saw on sunday. today's storms also knocked down a tree in georgetown. a small tree snapped landing on top of a fence in the 1900 block of 35th street northwest. no one was hurt as the tree did not block any of the roadway. >>> the storms came on quickly. it came through very quickly, too. but the question on many minds tonight, are we in the clear right now? let's get down to gary mcgrady with the current weather conditions. >> we haven't had a severe thunderstorm warning in quite a while. we go right to radar to see what's out there. nothing for the district. this activity is weakening. we're going to go down to prince william county, to the south of prince william county. the southern sect
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